Meal Prep Classes for Women

Are your Knife Skills scary? Tired of the same old meals? Need a dash of Kitchen Confidence?

We teach women how to meal prep efficiently with Chef instructed cooking classes for All skill levels.

Ready to start Cooking?
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What We DO

We teach women how to Efficiently cook with Confidence.

What we Believe

Building healthy meal prep habits relieves stress, guarantees health, saves us time and money.

Who we Are

We are a Woman owned Personal Chef group focused on empowering women who may be overwhelmed by the meal prepping process to create weekly food systems that are easy, sustainable and nourishing to our wombs.


Tiffany Benson aka Chef Ty is a professional Chef and Health Coach. Ty has over 12 years of food & beverage experience and has prepared meals for Athletes, Celebrities and Business Moguls. She was notably featured on E! Entertainment Television and in Tampa Magazine (link below).

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1st Class Creativity

“What I will tell you is I’ve let go of 6 pounds since eating your food. That’s even with having a couple of candy bars and Cheetos. It truly does makes a difference in the quality of food vs. eating out”

Mellissa L.

“There are somethings I could eat everyday for the rest of my life. The mushroom pies are one of them.”

Amy D.

“Everything is Soo Delicious, Thank you!”