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On average, it’s very easy to generate at LEAST 10 B2B opportunities per month using this method.

(Even if you don’t come from marketing and aren't sure how it all works).

And, this easy “LinkedIn Leverage” method doesn't rely on spamming, relentless follow-up, feeling too “salesy,” scraping emails, or cold-pitching.

In fact, do it right, and decision makers will start reaching out to YOU!

Just ask Nicole Mitchell who went from “Unknown” to “Chased down by decision makers” all through her LinkedIn content

Or Mohammed Faridy who previously had little or no time to focus on marketing… and now gets flown in to the boardrooms of top firms to meet with decision-makers.

Or Chad Prinkey who recently made 300k in 60 days… 100k of that from a decision-maker who noticed his thought leadership on LinkedIn and reached out.

I’ll tell you how this all works in a moment.

But first…

My name is Ahmad Munawar -- and I’m kind of known as the “consultant’s consultant”

And that’s because, for the last few years, I’ve been quietly helping consultants and consulting firms of all stripes make clients literally BEAT a path to their door…

But more important than that…

I spent 45 MONTHS… that’s nearly 4 years… testing every single theory and trying every single strategy and tactic to generate consulting clients

I spent $127,942 on coaching programs and courses

I read 87 books on business, marketing, and consulting

I spent $356,873 on advertising

I spent a TON of time in the trenches… testing these approaches both for my own business and for my clients… trying to figure out the perfect client acquisition system for consultants…

And it always kept coming back to LinkedIn.

“But Ahmad, LinkedIn Doesn’t Work for Me”

If you aren’t sure you can get great results with LinkedIn, or you’ve tried before and the results have been lackluster, I get it.

ESPECIALLY because recent changes to the platform have made most tactics obsolete.

Gone are the days where you could rely on LinkedIn groups, or spectacular “reach” on your organic posts.

And ESPECIALLY gone are the days where you could simply message a pitch to 50 people a day and expect to get somewhere. 

The problem is because most LinkedIn courses and gurus are invested in getting you using their “thing” or their “tactic” as fast as possible.

So they teach a “numbers” strategy…

Whereby you pitch 500 people and maybe 1 or 2 get back to you...

Whereas the remaining 498 block you or send angry messages.

And, if you want controllable, predictable, consistent client generation…

It’s completely unsustainable.

Over the last few years, I’ve watched LinkedIn and Marketing “gurus” come and go. They all teach some variation of what I just mentioned above -- the “numbers” game.

But one interesting thing I’ve observed is that even if they DO get clients…

They tend to be less-than-ideal clients. One might even say “toxic.”

Price-negotiators and scope creepers are just the start.

And that’s because REAL decision makers at big firms are not going to respond to your cold pitch in their LI inbox. They just aren’t. It’s never happened and it never will.

 “Okay Ahmad...So what’s the solution?” 

Because we’re talking about LinkedIn here, it may be surprising to note that I am actually not a LinkedIn guru. I’m not a LinkedIn coach.

I do teach B2B consultants how to predictably fill their pipelines and win deals, and using LinkedIn is PART of that process.

But the way we use LinkedIn is MUCH different than what most coaches teach.

In fact, it’s a little counterintuitive.

Because it requires less actual “hustle” than the “numbers game.”

And MORE expertise.

In other words, ONLY expert consultants who ACTUALLY have something to offer can use this method with any success…

But if you DO “get it,” you’ll be amazed at how simple and effective the actual process is.

That’s because we focus on getting the RIGHT message in front of the RIGHT prospect at the right time…

Which is MUCH better and less wasteful than the numbers game.

"But Ahmad, What About Bonuses?"

Glad you asked. Register for our free workshop and you’ll get access to the following bonuses:

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Here's What Our Client Say...

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So, if you want to generate at least 10 consulting opportunities per month on LinkedIn from decision makers who are a perfect fit for what you’re offering…

PS - I’m so convinced this unique way of using LinkedIn will net you at LEAST 10 B2B consulting opportunities in the next month, we’re including a one-year RISK FREE guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, we’ll give you your money back. Try it out for a year and let us know!

PPS - We’re limiting this to 100 people. Why? Because the Zoom teleconference platform has a 100 person participant limit. Also, there are only 40 spots available for our exclusive “hot seat” sessions where we’ll work with you to tear down and build up your LinkedIn profile from scratch.


“Can I get the recordings even if I can't make the live workshop?”

Nope. This is a 'live-only' event. Participants learn a lot more by joining live and interacting with the group.

“How soon can this start working for me?”

It depends on your level of involvement with LinkedIn thus far, your existing contacts, and your level of execution. That said, you can start seeing momentum in just a week or so -- even if you're BRAND NEW to LinkedIn. And you should start seeing actual, quantifiable, results within the month. 

“Is this just another course?”

No, this is a LIVE workshop where I break down whats actually working NOW, in 2021, to generate B2B consulting opportunities for experts. There will be a Q&A after each session.

“How will this be delivered?” 

It'll be via Zoom and we'll also give you access and support through our Facebook group as well.

“I thought LinkedIn was dead?”

For the overwhelming amount of people who have no idea what they're doing, it is. But if you DO know what you're doing, there's actually more opportunity than ever. Decision makers actually DO want to connect with you... but NOT if you sound like the 90% of other people in their inbox.

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